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Blue Beach a Gift of God | Wonderful Destination

Blue Beach (La Chiva), Vieques, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles

Bahia de Los Angeles Chiva in America was previously referred to as Blue beach. The waters are contrasting sun shades of blue, in contrast to every other seashore on the island of Vieques. Bahia de la Chiva is one of the satisfactory snorkeling beaches on the island of Vieques and below the Puerto Rican flag with perfect waters for swimming for all ages. There’s plenty of sand and space to claim for the day so you can enjoy the feeling of having your personal piece of paradise.

You may love taking long walks on the beach. You may love clean waters and snorkeling, if you need breathtaking scenery and a feeling of huge open areas in nature, then you couldn’t leave out touring the awesome seaside of Los Angeles Chiva in America. The Vieques countrywide natural world safe haven has built gazebos perfectly positioned embraced by lush vegetables and million greenback views.

blue beach



Why to travel Blue Beach

LOS Angeles Chiva is the best place for snorkeling. So carry plenty of sunscreens to reload every few hours. The best place for snorkeling are alongside the rocky areas and close to the small cay at the end of the street.

Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico has a diffusion of sights that would attraction to the beach, are you looking for to sense a sense of travel at some point of their excursion and records buffs? Whilst you arrive in the Vieques you will sense as in case you’ve traveled six decades into the past. A past wherein most effective nature has been at paintings to create a special photograph best place.

LOS Angeles Chiva is like a canvas of blue shades. A photographer’s dream. The water could be very clean with grass beds scattered right here and there. Where schools of colorful fish love to play. The waves are very gentle and small at some point of winter, ideal for youngsters. At some stage in the summer time, the waters become even greater clean and calmer making snorkeling even greater enjoyable.

Blue beach may be very long, the best place for long walks. The picture above become taken properly on the very quiet of the street. From this place, you will be able to admire the herbal splendor of the island with it’s plenty lush virgin flora.

From there you could get entry to a stunning small cay. The waters among the key and the main island are very shallow. Right off from the cay, you can celebrate in correct snorkeling alongside the north aspect of the small cay. And the rocky aspect shore. We suggest you book a snorkeling travel, they’ll take you to the best place.


blue beach



Top things to do at Blue beach

That is your first travel to Puerto Rico? There are lots of factors to do here, and replying to your interests you don’t gain be bored. Right here are the pinnacle should see sights for first-time visitors to Puerto Rico.

  • The big highlights in January are three Kings’ Day and the San Sebastián avenue festival
  • Hiram Birthorn Stadium in San Juan every year-round Christmas entire with common carnival rides, games of danger, musical entertainment. And usually a circus, Los Angeles Feria. The Park is fun for the whole family.
  • Find a spot alongside the waterfront in Bahia Urbana in antique San Juan. and celebrate in the lights and the track of the vacation season.
  • You may visit Angelito path that results in the Mameye’s River, Las Pailas, Charco Frio & Las Tinajas, Carite woodland and Toro Negro wooded area, the Guajataca wooded area. The Guánica state wooded area & Biosphere Reserve is the best place for travel. And a has a path that offers some dramatic ocean perspectives.
  • A superb get-away is day ride to Icacos with a personal boat captain. Boating to a secluded island round sundown or after darkish. You have been to live somewhere that had all that equipment available so as to use, versus a best guest house. If a secluded waterfall is your setting for love, then you need to travel Juan Diego Falls. Strive one of the many adventure tarvel from zip traces to surfing lessons to dangle coast.


Travel Tips While travelling Blue beach

  • Make sure to stay away from Los Angeles Chiva Island and its surrounding waters. LOS Angeles Chiva seaside has been declared safe to be used and lots of site travelers have loved it capably, just live off la Chiva Island. it’s far prohibited to go to this destination for the threat of un-exploded ordnance. Don’t allow this scare you, Simply use not unusual protection precautions and live far from closed areas.
  • LOS Angeles Chiva is inside the Vieques countrywide flora and fauna shelter at the south side of the island on the Caribbean Sea. The roads main to la Chiva are included in stone and you can travel here via scooter or vehicle.
  • In Vieques, the best place is “Vieques” itself. There are not any casinos or golfing courses, no strip department stores or most important buying facilities, but don’t fear due to the fact you may have it all in Puerto Rico.
  • You can use this listing for thoughts, but you want to go all over Vieques and explore all the beaches to choose your personal favorites.


How to travel Blue Beach

First, you need to get yourself to Vieques. You may both take the ferry from Fajardo or take a brief flight. These flights are available from San Juan global Airport and Isla Grande Airport within the San Juan location, or Ceiba global Airport on the east coast.

As soon as on Vieques, you’ll require a Jeep condo to get to the maximum of my preferred seashores. And earlier than you even ask no, you cannot take the automobile which you rented in San Juan to Vieques on the ferry. Rental motors are not approved at the ferries.


Free service of Blue beach:

Crystal clean uncrowded seashores, the brightest bio-luminescent bay in the world. Natural flora and fauna reserves, historic sites, travel trails Paso fino horses roaming free. That’s the magic of Isla de Vieques.


Where to stay at blue beach ?

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