How to get to National Orchid Garden

How to get to National Orchid Garden

How to get to National Orchid Garden

National Orchid Garden in Singapore is the best places to travel around the world. Millions of tourist visit this place every year. They have many question to ask about there destination. That’s why our Travel & Tourism Advisory.  Singapore is an ideal place for travelers. And their transport system is good enough. Learn how can you get to Orchid Garden Singapore? Out Advisory powered you the information below.


Train Service:

An ideal way to visit the garden is to train. And Singapore train service is better than any of the world’s developed countries. Land at the Botanic Gardens Station which is around a 20-minute stroll to the National Orchid Garden.


Bus Service:

Bus service is the most widely used way of transporting this garden. We have given below the probability of all possible buses to get to National Orchid garden.

Tanglin Gate – Take transport number 7, 75, 77, 105, 106, 123, 174 and land along Napier Road. The Garden is around a 15-minute stroll from the Garden’s Tanglin Gate.

Bukit Timah Gate – Take transport number 48, 66, 67, 151, 153, 154, 156, 170, 171, 186 and land along Bukit Timah Road. The Garden is around 20-minute stroll from the Garden’s Bukit Timah Gate.


Taxi Service:

You can also move in a taxi if you are staying in a hotel near the Garden. Stopping is accessible at Botany Center with a 15-minute walk (Tanglin Gate), Visitor Center with a 12-minute walk (Nassim Door), Cluny Park Road with a 20-minute walk (Cluny Park Gate) and open stopping along Tyersall Avenue (6-minute walk).


Visit National Orchid garden Official WEBSITE. You can take the help of Google Map if you want.


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