Top things to do at East Coast Park

Top Things to do at East Coast Park | 2018

Top Things to Do at East Coast Park

You will find many top things in this park in Singapore. But we’ve focused on the best for you. Here is those top things to do at east coast park Singapore.


Fun exercises at East Coast Park

The very much cherished East Coast Park offers a heap of exercises for the entire family. From swimming to cycling and notwithstanding angling. There is continually something energizing for everybody to appreciate. We present to you some of East Coast Park’s best places and exercises for you to arrive your children in.


Play area at Big Splash

Overhauled on the premises of the old water amusement stop with a similar name. Playground guarantees not just a combination of going out on the town alternatives yet additionally houses some of East Coast Park’s best kid places. It could be Top Things to Do at East Coast Park.


Preferred standpoint of Tennis

Land your children here in the event that they cherish the adrenaline surge of games. Gaining practical experience in junior preparing, Advantage School of Tennis (AST) offers the youthful ones instructional classes to furnish them with fundamental tennis abilities which would build up their deftness, development adjusts, listening aptitudes and impart collaboration.

The Tots Tennis course is gone for youngsters from the year and a half to 6 years of age, Mini Tennis is for those 6 to 10 years old while the Junior program is taken into account the more established children from 8 to 16 years of age. Each end of the week lesson goes on for just 45 minutes, whatever may happen (all lessons are directed in the indoor court!), so guardians are allowed to invest the energy alone around East Coast Park or even take up tennis as they additionally offer grown-up courses.


One  to Twenty Six

This chic and complex eatery bar may appear to be overwhelming to families with youngsters. All things considered, exile that idea. 1-Twenty Six’s open air feasting zone. Encompassed by lavish foliage gives a laid back setting to the quintessential Sunday informal breakfast with the kids close by.

Offering a variety of early lunch specials. For example, Eggs Benedict and Brioche French Toast for the grown up while the children can pick from the children menu with top choices like Scrambled eggs with toasted warriors. The outside territory additionally has space for the children to play around in as you taste your tea or informal breakfast mixed drink and appreciate the end of the week.



Lilliput is Singapore’s first indoor smaller than the normal fairway. It doesn’t make a difference whether the youngsters and you are prepared players or it is your first time. You would at present appreciate the exciting experience of putting through 18 energizing smaller than normal golf gaps. It is an ideal best place to go through the evening with the children. & could be the top things to do at East Coast Park.




Skate With Us is the main skate school with a specific program for kids age 3 to 12 years of age. Working totally out of their site. Skate with us offers proficient instructing lessons at East Coast Park. The youthful ones will without a doubt appreciate lessons directed in a fun way. They are Born to skate program is intended for kids matured 3 years of age or more. Guardians are urged to participate in the lesson and learn together with their youngsters. Before you know it, you and the children would zoom down East Coast Park together.



Street Safety Community Park

This is a top things to do at East Coast park. Because it’s free, and a decent approach to teaching your youngsters. Show them about street well-being and the measures they should take when crossing streets. With smaller than usual Shell building and 7-11, your youngsters won’t get exhausted so effectively.



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